Digital reporting tools give you insights on demand

We believe in providing full transparency to digital metrics, touching base frequently to make modest changes that add up over time. Advertisers can log into their dashboard at any time to get the most up to date metrics, and typically we schedule calls every other week to review results.


We ensure performance on traditional media too

Reporting on traditional media commitments is pushed to the back burner by other agencies because it isn’t as timely as digital reporting and can be more difficult to tie to business results. But we always follow up on performance to make sure the buys fulfilled their guaranteed parameters.

  • National TV is posted quarterly, with regular pacing updates to make sure we’re proactively securing any needed units to make up for underdelivery

  • National print is posted both via MRI delivery and via circulation audits

  • Local broadcast and cable is posted quarterly with a 90% delivery guarantee

  • Outdoor proof of performance photos are available shortly after posting and override reports capture the extra exposure earned by our campaigns.