Capturing the audience's attention

There's more to a target audience than just age and gender.


For Red Baron's national cable TV buy, Red Comma Media looked at an index in MRI for a niche attitudinal target. Using this index in combination with W25-54 CPMs, we delivered a plan that Nielsen's TVBE study showed was 9% more engaging than the category average.


For Duluth Trading Company, consumer research on our unique attitudinal target showed us that sports programming was the most engaging, but it was a risky buy for them at first because live sports CPMs are so much higher than many other program types. We started slow and measured effectiveness by matching website traffic to high-profile sports events. Strong sales results helped fuel their successful IPO and media budgets grew substantially year over year.


For Crate & Barrel, the emotional holiday :30 was designed for dramatic environments. Our national cable TV buy focused on programs that delivered the client's qualitative audience within a serious and emotional media environment. The holiday effort reversed the prior years of 4Q sales decline.


Media testing, done right

Whether your testing needs are big or small, we can help guide you through the steps. Our president "grew up" in the media business on Procter & Gamble, and if anyone knows how to do a media test, it is P&G. Typically we start testing scenarios by developing national theoretical plans and translating them to test markets that have been matched to the average US.


Recently we've helped Eckrich Smoked Sausage read the differences in return on investment between digital and radio efforts in matched geographies behind similar creative messages.


We also helped a Rasmussen College understand the role radio was playing on their business.

While it isn't the same approach as geographic market testing, our digital campaigns always include learning objectives and we craft a data strategy that provides actionable results.