The question of "clout"

Prospective advertisers often ask: "Wouldn't we pay higher prices with Red Comma Media because you don't have as much clout as a larger agency?" Actually, no. In fact, you often pay less. Here’s what media salespeople tell us:

"You can't share this rate with your friends at [Big Agency]. This is lower than they're paying, but if we offered it to them they'd apply it to 12 advertisers. Because Red Comma Media is smaller, we can offer this lower rate to you."


For Eckrich Smoke Sausage’s College Football TV program, we secured 15% savings versus the prior year while at the same time delivering 8% more live sports. The prior year had been negotiated by the top-billing media agency in the world.


We negotiated Nathan’s Famous Beef Franks MLB digital effort (the second year we inherited of a 2-year deal) and almost doubled the impressions for the same dollars. And we didn't do it by downgrading the inventory. We secured higher-profile, more-viewable inventory by knowing what we wanted to achieve and gave the media partner leeway in how they put their proposal together to achieve the goals.


Digital buying showcases our strengths

For data-oriented folks like us, digital media is a dream come true. From the custom targeting to the detailed metrics, digital media are the perfect platform to showcase our strategic data applications the drive results.

  • Personalized ads, optimized by A.I. find the best ROI for combinations of images, targeting, headlines, offers, retailers, and other variables. The results are tied to offline actions in order to attribute sales and make sure the ads are working as hard as they can.

  • We’re applying first-party data from our clients every chance we get and helping others develop their own proprietary customer lists.

  • Especially when first-party data isn’t available, we work hard to leverage industry-specific data sets to make sure we’re getting the tightest targeting and reflecting the types of data segments that matter the most.

  • Google has recognized our expertise with their products and made us a certified Google Partner.


Buying media based on point-of-purchase data

We routinely apply point-of-purchase data (ie. IRI, NCS) to our digital plans to make sure brand messages are matched with consumer purchasing profiles. On average we see a 20-25% lift in response when we apply these second-party data segments. We match consumers with the right message by:

  • Offering a low-value coupon to entice a lapsed user back to the brand

  • Stressing key competitive advantages when advertising to other brands' users

  • Engaging heavy users with fresh content but no coupons

We also apply this data to TV buys


For Red Baron Pizza, we identified 3 user segments and targeted them with the same TV ad. IRI closed-loop research showed that advertising to competitive users generated 8% more in-store sales than advertising to either lapsed or heavy Red Baron users.