Media Research is at the heart of everything we do.

We are a data-oriented agency, full of left-brained analysis junkies.  Red Comma Media subscribes to a deep suite of research tools because we take your media budgets too seriously to be guessing about where to invest. 


Media Planning brings the campaign to life.

Our straightforward planning process is grounded in CPG experience, which generates actionable insights that are backed up with data. We marry industry insights and best practices with your in-depth industry knowledge to make the magic happen.


Media Buying is where the rubber meets the road.

We work in partnership with media outlets, enacting a tough but fair negotiation.  We get the best results when we apply data to the buying process to ensure targeting and measurement go beyond above and beyond.  We're incredibly proud of the results.


Media Reporting proves we did a great job.

Maybe we're weird. Because, hey, we really like media. Part of what we like about it is that it's wholly provable. Wholly track-able. Wholly accountable. Either we did well (and you can bet we did) or we didn't (highly unlikely). Either way, there's no wiggle room in which to wiggle. No loopholes in which to hide. Only a very snug little space where the truth reigns supreme and the evidence comes in the form of cold, hard, lovely numbers.

What Our Partners Say

“I work with a lot of different media agencies...and I must compliment your team's expertise, collaboration & professionalism.”

Sean Johnston, Director of Digital Media, Doner agency

“The local placements were AWESOME!  Allowed the brand to punch above its weight and maximize in-market exposure.”

Elizabeth DiJohn, Eckrich

“Red Comma brings data to the table to support informed decision-making and new ideas for expansion of the campaign.”

Liz Buganski, Rasmussen College

“Red Comma freely communicates information that gives the entire marketing team a better picture of the marketplace.  Whenever we have a question, a quick call with their team helps us parse through the options and identify the best outcome.”

Nicole Newville, Kōse Digital agency

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